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Doing a thing fraudulently under 25 means
Which section of Indian Evidence Act is based on English Doctrine of Res Gestae
In respect of family relations the law applicable in India is
In a written statement, the defendant can claim
The draft fo Indian Penal Code was prepared by
To close down a factory the occupier has to give how many days notice to the authorities
Pre-emption on the ground of Shafie-i-Jar was declared unconstitutional in
Under 0.33, an indigent is allowed to prosecute any suit, provided he satisfied certain conditions. Which of the following is not such a condition?
Which of the following categories of cases will not been entertained as Public Interest Litigation (PIL)?
A decree can be transferred for execution to another court
Indian Penal Code is
Doing a thing fraudulently under 25 means
Which one of the following is known as Consumer Disputes Redressal Agency?
elements necessary to constitute a crime are
The draft fo Indian Penal Code was prepared by
A warrant of arrest may be extendeda
The concept of "plea bargaining" is not applicable to the offence committed against
The undertaking contained in a promissory note,to pay a certain sum of money is:
What is the Special Constitutional Position of Jammu and Kashmir?
8. Under Section 18 of the Indlan Evidence Act, theadmission of which of the following person is notadmissible against the other
In which section of the Hindu Succession Act, 19561the Law of Mitakshara has been incorporated
Which of the following is not 'servant of Government' as defined under Section 14 of the Code
Under which Section of CR. PC the Assistant Public Prosecutor is appointed
The term 'will appears in
What should be the difference of age under the Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act, 1956, if a female adopts male
Who are the partners in a bill of exchange?
Who is responsible for payment to a person employed by him in a factory under the Payment of Wages Act, 1936
Which of the following sections enables the court to cancel the bond and bail bond
In relation to Relevancy of Character in civil cases,which of the following is not correct a) ) c) d)
The Indian Penal Code is
Minto-Morely reform is associated with which Act?
According to Republic Act No. 6770, which of these powers is not provided to office of Ombudsman
Indian Penal Code Extends to
which of the following refers to offences committed within India
Indian Penal Code Extends to
There is either theft or extortion. It is
Filing with the court, to object owns or another's imprisonment is called?
. "Dealer" includes a person who is engaged
Which of the following is not 'servant of Government' as defined under Section 14 of the Code
The Cjjhairperson of Cyber Appellate Tribunal is appointed by the
A person cannot be a next friend, a guardian of a person if
The rule is that penal statutes must be constructed
When a bill is passed by the Parliament and thePresident, what is the status of the same?
The various words used to denote Mens Rea under the IPC and are defined in the code itself are
Which of the following statement is correct
Minimum number of members required to applyfor Incorporation Certificate in a Public Ltd.Company is
Indian Computer Emergency Response Team torerve as National Agency for incident response ishconstituted under section
Under which Supreme Court judgment, action of the President to summon, prorogue and dissolve either of the houses of the parliament, shall be unconstitutional if acted without advice of Council of Ministers
A contract of 'indemnity' under the Indian Contract Act, 1872, has been defined in Section:
The Indian Penal Code is
Which of the following Section deals with search warrant
Where the complaint alleges a defect in the goods which cannot be determined without proper analysis or test of the goods, the sample of goods forwarded to appropriate laboratory for laboratory test. Such types of case finding report within days a) b) e) d)
The Environment (Protection) Act, 1986, came into force on a) b) c)d)
The objective of the EU Directive on mediation is
Natural guardian of an adopted son under the Hindu Minority & Guardianship Act, 1956 is
Which is not included within the meaning of artistic work under Copyright Act
'A' resides at Shimla, 'B' at Kolkata and 'C' at Delhi.A, B & C being together at Banaras. B & C make ajoint promissory note, payable on demand anddelivered to A. A may sue B &Ch
is an adolescent as per Factories Act, 1948
Which condition is not required to be satisfied by an invention to be patentable subject matter under Patent Act
Which writ is issued by the court to quash the wrongful order of a lower court
Indian Penal Code is
In most EU member countries, which of the following is the most visible form of ADR?
Liability of drawer to compensate the drawee in case of dishonor is primarily provided under
The term 'will appears in
which of the folowing is person as defined under Section 11 of the Code
The parties which cannot be compelled to perform specific performances of contract are provided in which section of Specific Relief Act:
'Wrongful gain' as defined under Section 23 means
This section was enacted to meet the cases of dowry deaths. It is
Which of the following case is leading case in term of 'deliberate delay in filing of the suit resulting in huge losses to the complainant
The maxim- 'audi alterm partem' denotes
In which case did the Supreme Court hold that 'misconduct envisages breach of discipline'
'Wrongful gain' as defined under Section 23 means
Motor Vehicles Act 1939, came into force in?
It refers to an authority derived from official character merely, not expressly conferred upon the individual character, but rather annexed to official position
The term sabbatical is connected with
PIL is criticized on the ground of
Part III of Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996formalizes:
which of the following refers to offences committed within India
Complaint means allegation in writing made by complainant that
Fulfilling the constitutional obligation under Article 300 A, the Land Acquisition Act, is the law providing for
which of the folowing is person as defined under Section 11 of the Code
'A' does not fall under the clause of Memorandum of Association. 'A' here is
In case of a co-operative society the maximum amount on which income tax is not chargeable is
The Section12 of Hindu Maintenance and Adoption Act,1956 deals with
When can the supreme court refuse to grant remedy under Article 32
Which of the following heirs is not class 1 heira under the Hindu Succession Act, 1956
Which is the leading case on environment
Government employees may refer theirunresolved grievances and labor dispute to
Under Section 25 of the Land Acquisition Act, the amount of compensation awarded by the courta
'A' sells a field to 'B'. There is a right of way overthe field of which A has direct personal knowledgebut which he conceals from B